Collaborations & Testimonials…

VF Corporation (brands including North Face & Vans):

“Thank you so much for doing such a great presentation. People really seemed to have enjoyed it and sent great feedback in the chat. It was educational and heart-warming. I’ll be honest, some of our VF Pride group got a bit emotional watching the webinar (myself included). It is such an important conversation to have. Thank you again!!”

J Stam, Change & Optimisation Co-Ordinator & Inclusion Network Partner

Flying High Academy Trust Schools:

Six schools! You’re a popular man! A fantastic opportunity for the children to see what they can aspire to.

P Goodman, Deputy CEO

“It was great to have you in school. The children loved you and the story. It is such an important message. I hope you saw how many of our parents liked the tweets so clearly this opened up some great conversations at home as well.”

N Capek, Head Teacher

“The feedback from the children today was excellent. It was great to have you in school sharing the messages from your books… the staff are using the story to support work in classes next week.”

K Clowery, Head Teacher

Mr Gay UK:

“Just walked into a lovely surprise delivery today, looking forward to reading it.”

Stuart Hatton Jr, Winner

Mama G Family Pride Party:

“Are you ready for a pride month book recommendation? Good. There’s no need to rush this one, we can take this nice and slowly, reading this beautiful book and attempting to make slime…”

Mama G, Drag Story Teller

Literacy Volunteers Early Years Project:

“Thank you so much for coming, Troy. It’s so valuable to model as many different stories and storytellers to our families. I’m particularly pleased you noticed our support for a mum and child undergoing a diagnosis. It has been so important to ensure they feel part of the group. [Having a child with autism] can make you feel so isolated, so a welcoming environment for all is super important.”

L Jaggard, Team Leader

Newark Book Festival

“A huge thank you from us to you for coming to be part of the Newark Book Festival family. We had an amazing time this year and had record numbers of visitors and positive feedback.”

S Bullimore, Arts Consultant