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The tale of “The Best Mummy Snails in the Whole Wide World” is available to buy through Amazon in paper-back, on Kindle as an e-reader and directly from the me as the author.


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This charming story explores the relationship between Felicity and Jane, two African Snails. As their love grows, they start a family together and bring two delightful baby snails into the world.

Ideas for School & Activities linked with the story

The story can be used with younger children to begin to introduce and normalise the notion of same-sex parents bringing up children or can be used as an introduction to discussing equality and tolerance with older children. This is the first in a series of picture books intended to be shared with young children to explore equality and diversity issues.

Please feel free to download the PDF with a range of ideas for assemblies and classroom activities that can be used alongside the story. Alternatively, check out this video to see how you can be creative with some play dough and conkers…

Suggested Activities to accompany the book The Best Mummy Snails in the Whole Wide World

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Thank you

Thank you to Ben Blacknall (of Blacknall Illustration) for the amazing illustrations and Gavin Morgan and Tanya Hogan for helping to bring the book together. Special thanks to Gemma Denham for her sound advice in helping me publish my first book.

Meet Felicity and Jane in their full story launched in October 2017.

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Coming soon…

Meet the latest of my characters, Sharon and Oswald. They are two axolotls who form a friendship in unlikely circumstances and overcome their fear of difference.

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